Monkey In Paradise Logo & Design Elements.

Founded in 2015, The Monkey In Paradise logo has had some changes, but the core elements remain. Our logo starts off bold, ends smooth, topped with our signature monkey. We are proud NOT to be the same old boring vodka, which we identify by our skewed lettering.

We identify our brand by our trademarks, which consist of logos, words, characters, colors, and symbols, a number of which are identified below.  We consider these marks to be valuable assets. If you have any question regarding a proposed usage of our marks or to request permission for a certain use, please contact us here.

We encourage the use of our logos and brand trademarks. You are welcome to download the following graphics and use them in print, digital, or any other promotional or affiliation needs to represent our brand.

Banners, Logos & Brand Guidelines

DO.. Mention that your products or services are based on or affiliated with Monkey In Paradise. Use our logo to represent our brand.

DON'T.. Rotate, distort, or change size perspective of the Monkey In Paradise logo. Change the color of our logo. Use any other marks or logos to represent our brand.

You are welcome to download the following Monkey In Paradise Logo's and use them accordingly.
Monkey In Paradise Logo - Compact Monkey In Paradise Logo - FULL

Monkey In Paradise Colors
We ask you to use the official Monkey In Paradise colors when displaying our logo and trademarks:

If you use our logo, we’d appreciate it if you could email us a description or photo of how you plan to use it to info@monkeyinparadise.com  That way, we can check that it meets our guidelines.