It Started With A Cocktail Monkey

Friends who enjoyed meeting new people and went around town with MONKEY cocktail markers :)

Monkeying Around

Born is West Palm Beach Florida (paradise), Monkey in Paradise started as a social experiment-- Friends who enjoyed meeting new people went around town with MONKEY cocktail markers which helped them easily "break the ice" with the people around them. The cocktail markers caused others to ask questions wanting to know more about the monkey hanging from their glass.

With the help of social media, the MIP Monkey quickly became the symbol of FUN, hanging out with good friends, and meeting new people. MIP turned into a regional lifestyle brand with signature events, gear, and an Award Winning Premium Vodka.

MIP Original Signature Cocktail Markers

The original Monkey In Paradise. These colorful translucent monkey cocktail markers branded with the initials of MIP are a perfect match to anything they can hang from, especially from a glass. What was originally intended to mark glasses by the monkey's color, has now become the symbol of FUN, going out, and being social!

MIP Signature Events

Broadcasted to tens of thousands of social media followers, MIP brings FUN & THRILL to a multitude of venues such as International Raceways, NCAA Stadiums, Night Clubs, Bars, Charitable Causes, and Automotive/ Nautical/ Aviation events. Everyone goes bananas for Monkey In Paradise signature events.

MIP Lifestyle

Paradise is yours to define. It may have nothing to do with handbags, exotic cars, and fancy boats. However you define it, you can begin to allow more of it in your life when you come from a place of celebration. Open to possibility, take one playful step at a time. Find and share your Paradise!