A Social Lifestyle Like No Other

MIP started as a social experiment, and became a social movement. The movement changes the way people socialize by using a small, proprietary plastic monkey and positioning it publicly as an ice-breaking conversation piece. The popularity of the "Get Social" Movement led to the launch of a new signature vodka marketed through events, social media, apparel, gear, and other exciting avenues.


Lifestyle Brand

Social Media has been an important part of getting a following for MIP. This has been done by positioning MIP as a lifestyle brand. The MIP Monkey icebreaker is often photographed with exotic cars, jets, and beautiful people having fun. However, MIP is about making everyone feel like a VIP with MIP-- making socializing and networking easier, and making every day more fun for all.

MIP Liquor

MIP produces a 7 times distilled corn-based vodka. It is distilled in West Palm Beach, Florida and is a gluten free spirit. Unlike the competition, MIP VODKA is the only premium "social" vodka, served with signature conversation pieces. Thanks to the rave reviews, MIP is also developing flavored vodka and additional spirits.


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